My Weird Word

Hi!  I am Josiah, and today I will be telling you about a weird word that I keep using.  Comment if you think you have heard this word before, because I am not sure!

So before I start off talking about my weird word, I need to tell you what it is, of course.  My word is “cuisine”.  If you don’t know what cuisine is, it is a method or technique of cooking, or a food cooked in a certain way.  But I don’t just go around saying “cuisine”.

I have to say it along with an adjective (a describing word), one of my personal favorites is “lame-o (which I don’t think is a word either!)”.  So if I have to go do something boring, I may say to myself “This is lame-o cuisine.”.  So as you may think the way I say it, I act like it means the way I think of an object, so you could say that something that I can’t wait for something, it is “Exciting cuisine”.

So you may be thinking that why would it be cuisine of all the words that I would like to say, well my answer is: I have no idea at all!  As I said earlier, if you have any idea where this word may have come from, please tell me!  I have absolutely no idea why I keep saying it.

12 thoughts on “My Weird Word

    1. Dear antonio,
      Thank you for commenting! And I think a decent amount of people have heard the word cuisine, but I was talking about it was a weird way to use the word because I was not talking about food. Confusing, right?


    1. Dear cc0019,
      Hi! Do you know a lot about food? Not very many people know what cuisine means. I love chinese food, there is a chinese buffet near to where I live. Do you like mexican food too? My Mom makes it and it is delicious!


    1. Dear Vanessa21,
      I know that cuisine means a certain type of food but I was saying that when I say cuisine I do not mean it like food. Also both of the links to your blog don’t work, sorry.


  1. There is a thing called kids cuisine and its a microwavable meal. But it sounds fine when use it which is weird.

  2. Hello Josiah:

    There is a young lady who uses the word “quiche” in the way that you use “cuisine” – she is on a show called Jamie Private School Girl.

    I love extending and applying new words.

    Also I think “cuisine” is an inherently funny word.

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