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Student Blogging Challenge 2019: An Awesome Experience!

Well, it has finally come.  After all this time I have done the blogging challenge, it is the last week, and this awesome writing journey has come to an end.  But before I say goodbye to this writing, let’s reflect upon some big events of this blog journey.

I remember week 1,  and It was a pretty humble beginning.  Nothing too extraordinary, just a post about my avatar, which I am still using now.  I got a lot of comments, still.  It was pretty cool to start the challenge.

Then week 3 came with my post about photos, and I tried my very hardest and put my heart and soul into it.  And it payed off, because I got it on the recap list!  It was awesome!

Week 6 was when I made a post about music, and it was one of my most commented upon post I have made.  I didn’t think it was all that good, but some of you thought different.

And then Week 9 came.  I made a post about a weird word, and it got on the recap list for week 10!  I thought it was pretty good to get on the recap list twice in one challenge.

And then it all comes to week 10, right now.  I thought this was a pretty fun blogging challenge, so if I have enough time, I may do the one in October 2019.  Thank you for reading, and you can find the links to all of my Student Blogging Challenge post below.  Thank you everyone!

Week 1:

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Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

My Weird Word

Hi!  I am Josiah, and today I will be telling you about a weird word that I keep using.  Comment if you think you have heard this word before, because I am not sure!

So before I start off talking about my weird word, I need to tell you what it is, of course.  My word is “cuisine”.  If you don’t know what cuisine is, it is a method or technique of cooking, or a food cooked in a certain way.  But I don’t just go around saying “cuisine”.

I have to say it along with an adjective (a describing word), one of my personal favorites is “lame-o (which I don’t think is a word either!)”.  So if I have to go do something boring, I may say to myself “This is lame-o cuisine.”.  So as you may think the way I say it, I act like it means the way I think of an object, so you could say that something that I can’t wait for something, it is “Exciting cuisine”.

So you may be thinking that why would it be cuisine of all the words that I would like to say, well my answer is: I have no idea at all!  As I said earlier, if you have any idea where this word may have come from, please tell me!  I have absolutely no idea why I keep saying it.

America, And A Few Of Its States!

Hi!  I am Josiah, and today I will be talking about my country, America, and some of its states!  I hope you enjoy!

America is one of the countries in our home, Earth!  If you were to look at a map of the earth, most of the time you would find america in the west, a decently large country.  And if you know about the states in the united states, in the far west of america, you would find California, a very large state!  And speaking of large, you can find texas ner the middle-bottom of america.  Texas is a huge state, even bigger than California!  But believe it or not, it is not the largest state.  The largest state is… Alaska!  And the funny part is, it is not even connected to america, it is found in the north west of america, connected to Canada.  A few more states that are good to know about are Florida, Indiana, Washington, Montana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Idaho, Nevada, And a lot more, but that would take forever, since there are 50 states!

That was a few thing about the states that are in America, my county.  I hope you enjoyed reading!

Holiday Poem For Christmas!

Under the christmas tree I see

Lots of presents, One wrapped in green,

And the sweet smell of cinnamon my mother baked

And it taste so good and the you could say the flavor is “Caked”,

As we rip up the presents

and see the siblings and parents,

We never forget the meaning of christmas

No it is not the presents from the list,

It’s to love and know we have family

and know that they are something we can see.

My Song!

Hi!  I am Josiah, and I made a song, I thought it sounded pretty good!  But just because it looks messy, don’t think I just tapped everywhere!  You can view it right here on my post, which you have already probably noticed.  You can also edit it to make a new song out of it in the bottom-right hand corner.  Have fun!

My School Day

Hi!  I am Josiah, and I will be talking about my average school day.  I hope you enjoy!

When we arrive we sit in the gym until we say the rule of life and pledge of allegiance.  Then I start my first third of the day in my writing and science class.  After a few minutes or so we head to specials and recess, work in class for a little more, than head to math class.  After 30 minutes or so we head to lunch and another short recess, work in class for a little while more after that and then head to reading and social studies class.  We work in that class for a while without interruptions until we head back to the writing class than head home from bus or pickup.

That is the schedule for my average school day, I hope you enjoyed!

I Am Josiah!

Hi!  I am Josiah, and I realized that I don’t have an about page, so I decided I should probably make one.  Hope you enjoy!

I am Josiah, and I have a mom, a dad, two brothers and a sister.  I live in indiana in the USA, and I have two cats, a dog, and 6 baby chickens (currently).  I have a house, a treehouse, two playsets (one is much larger than the other, we got the smaller one a long time ago, before I was born!), a woods, and a yucky woods (such a pain trying to get rid of!).  I am also the youngest in my family.

That was a few things about me, and I hope you now know more about me.  GoodBye!

My Spring Break

Hi! I am Josiah, and today I will be talking about a few things that happened during my spring break when I went to florida.  Hope you enjoy!

We left for the tropical paradise around 3:15 PM,  and once we left, we waited for the 15 to 17 hour drive south.  It was a pretty boring drive so l will skip to the end.  We got to my grandma’s house where we were staying at around  8:00 AM,  and a lot of us were tired, except me, since I slept in the car.  We went to my cousins house that day, too.  It was fun, and we got to hang out a lot of the day.

A few days after that we went to the beach, and there was also a playground for when we were done,  and we played on it for a little while.  But soon it was time to leave, but me, my brother, and my cousin all wanted to stay the night at his house, so he asked his mom and me and my brother asked our mom, and they said yes, so we stayed the night at our cousins house.  It was awesome, and we stayed up pretty late, until we got tired.  So we went to bed, and after that we stayed at my cousins house a decent time after that the next morning when the rest of my family came to hang out for a bit.

We soon had to leave, and we went back to my grandmas house, hung out for a bit, than went to bed.  The next day we went to Lion Country Safari.  It was super fun, and we saw all kinds of animals, like rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, and much, much, more.  When we were done with the safari, they also had a park where we checked out things, like mini golf, a few rides, and more.  After we left, we went out for dinner with my uncle.  We didn’t do much after that, and we went to bed.

After that, the next thing we did was go to my cousins house I went to on the first day.  We hung out with family since this was almost our last day.  The next day and our last we said goodbye to some of our family.  We went out to dairy queen for one.  The next day we headed our long way home.  It was a very fun trip, and i’m glad we went!

How To Take The Perfect Photo!

Hello!  I am Josiah, and today I will be talking about how to take the perfect picture.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope it helps you get great photos, made by you!  This is a story about a guy (Made up) named Bob, and he goes on a long hike up a mountain, and wonders how he should take his picture.  Have fun!

On the fifth day of our friend Bob’s six day hike to one of the tallest mountains, he finally get to the summit one day early!  The view is breathtaking and he could stare at it for hours!

After he is done looking at it, he says “I want to remember this forever!” so he pulls out his camera from his backpack to take a picture.  But when he starts to take his picture, he thinks “This alignment is horrible!  Is this camera broken?”, but then he soon realizes that he is just not good at taking pictures.  He tries to figure out a few ways to make this picture wonderful!

  1. “Maybe I could try a selfie!”
  2. “I could take the picture and edit it on my computer when I get home.”
  3. “I should probably fix the alignment, it looks like the world just turned crooked!”
  4. “I could use my zoom-in on my camera to take pictures of specific spots.”
  5. “I should take multiple photos and see which one is best out of them.”
  6. I should try to keep the camera as still as possible.”

Those were some great ideas, weren’t they?  Now whenever Bob gets home and he looks at the picture, it looks just like how it did when he was at the summit!  Now he can remember it forever!  Thank you for reading, now you should try a few of these techniques!  GoodBye, and have fun taking all of your pictures!